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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Same old Sunday

Normally Sunday is a pretty big day politically. For some reason, lots of politicians like to use the Sunday newspapers, or worse, Breakfast with Frost, to announce their latest policy measure.

But not this Sunday. We had a rehash of everything we'd already heard during the week, and the Lib Dems finally decided that they were not going to support the anti-terror legislation barring serious amendment. It's just a shame him and 13 other Lib Dems didn't decide to do that when the government's majority was reduced to 14 the other day.

All week we had been hearing whispers of how the government was going to make "concessions". Then an hour later a spokesman, or a mouthpiece such as John Reid and chums would appear to insist there would be "no concessions". The Tories would get wound up and bay for blood, causing whispers of concessions to be passed around again.

The process repeats itself. It's been a pretty tedious week politically... and I have no doubt this cycle is going to keep going until this bill is finally killed in the Lords next week, or the Tories decide to lose any backbone they may have had and give in. Of course, we did have another chief policeman, Sir John Stevens stirring trouble up again on behalf of the government.

This is also getting stupid. The efforts to scare people into accepting this bill are relentless and they are not going to stop until the government gets its way. These tactics are disreputable and if we give in we're going to open the door to a flood of more of them in the run up to the election on the scale of the US Republican's presidential campaign.


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