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A left-wing/liberal look at the UK's General Election of 2005.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Mission Statement

Thank you for visiting.

This is a blog about the forthcoming and anticipated UK General Election 2005. It will analyse the latest election antics and politicking by the parties from a left-liberal perspective. I do not support any particular left-wing party. I consider myself a social democrat mostly, but I have a roughly similar amount of liberal democrat tendencies.

This blog has been inspired by the fact that there are not that many political blogs in the UK, even with elections imminent, compared with the rise of the blogosphere in the USA. It has been influenced by the success of blogs and the slight impact they had in the US Presidential and other elections. I hope a similar movement will be able to take place in the UK with our election this time.

If you are the owner/writer of another liberal-left blog, then please contact me on the e-mail address in the sidebar. I'm interested to read what other people of my political persuasion are writing so we can establish networks of this kind.

Your comments are welcome on all posts, but abusive, libelous and potentially illegal comments will be deleted.

You can e-mail me about this site with criticisms, comments, suggestions or other stuff by using the e-mail address on the link in the sidebar.

I hope you enjoy this site.


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