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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Failing Opposition

I'm not quite sure why the Tories decided last night that they would support the Government's "anti-terror" legislation after all.

David Davis said:
"It is simply wrong under British law, British tradition, British freedom and British justice,"
But apparently, according to him, just because a bill is wrong it shouldn't stop it from getting onto the statute book!

Pathetic. Nothing more than electioneering since Charles Clarke had ramped up the rhetoric by telling the nation to effectively blame the Tories if there is a terrorist attack.

This is the worst "opposition" party this country has ever seen. They are badly organised, totally incoherent and have no backbone whatsoever. They are beginning to be worse than Labour on selling out their own principles. I would love to see the Tories delivered a killer blow in the next election, and the Lib Dems step to the plate as the real opposition.

Because something certainly needs to change in British politics. And soon.


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