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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Temper Temper...

After a heated exchange at Prime Minister's Questions today, the media has been buzzing with whether the arguments between the PM and Michael Howard were particularly effective, especially as Tone seemed to get a little flustered. He certainly will not like the way the media have been painting him this evening. Unless this is all a clever double bluff.

See, that's the problem with Tony. Now we're all used to him, and the "trust me, I'm Tony" mantra has worn thin, we are all deeply cynical about anything he says. It's just one of the many reasons why it would be better for all concerned if he just left the party and made way for someone more sensible. But I have a feeling he has Thatcher's record in sight. Somebody Stop Him!

On the issue of the NHS, I think it is still very shaky ground for the Tories. There's no doubt in my mind that the service has improved, but certainly not in proportion to the money that has gone in. And all the bollocks about Foundation Hospitals has been a complete diversion. Soon Labour plan to give everyone the choice of hospital to go to. Sounds good, of course. But why not just have a good local hospital? Why should people have to travel far to get seen to in a nicer hospital? And who is more likely to take up these offers in the first place? Why, the people who can already afford to, of course!

Labour have been stealing Tory polices for eight years now. I don't trust either of them over the NHS. Labour are too caught up in setting targets and funding all the wrong hospitals. Surely it's the worst hospitals that need the cash the most desperately to appoint better managers and improve standards? It's pretty simple really.

But no one party will offer a realistic, but with a big vision, view of the NHS at the election. Not even the Lib Dems, who I have become fans of lately... at least at the national level.

To sum up today politically: nothing new. As our friend William Hague once said:
"It's all spin, and no delivery."


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