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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Honourable Members

At least there are some sensible Labour MPs who realise that the governments plans for "control orders" are a travesty. The proceedings in the Commons yesterday were a farce and they show just how much contempt the government has for Parliamentary scrutiny. The whole thing has been badly managed, and with a bit of luck the Lords will either chuck it out, or make some serious and important amendments to it. No one doubts there is a threat, but our response must be proportional to it.

But to bring the majority down to 14 on a three-line whip is yet another example of a government that is seriously going to have trouble controlling its rebellious backbenchers if the majority falls below 100. What's more, most of the current Blairite lobby fodder are those currently placed in the marginal seats.

It might be best not to underestimate the enormous impact this election could have, even if Labour do get in with a comfortable majority.


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