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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Theoretically quiet

This election "cease fire" is pissing me off. It's come at a far too convenient time. While Rover slips quickly into oblivion, causing potential electoral trouble in the West Midlands, all the parties are too busy avoiding the media unless it makes them look "statesmanlike" at the Pope's funeral.

Today will be no different. The Royal wedding will hopefully draw a low TV audience, but there will still be only very minimal campaigning. Another day lost. Sunday may hold something, but the "battle" will likely only resume on Monday, and thus another day is lost.

It is amazing how these co-incidences fall. Of course, Rover failing and the Pope's funeral being on the same day is nothing more than a co-incidence, but it seems to be fortunate for Labour in that they can keep it quiet and gloss over it for a few days while they prepare their stock answer to the questions. The Conservatives have naturally jumped on the bandwagon blaming everyone and saying they would support Rover, when a Thatcherite government of the past would only be more than happy to leave it to die. "Let the market decide!" would come the cry, and the jobs would vanish.

Rover's demise is not really an electoral issue and it shouldn't be because no one else would be able to do any better. There are 20,000 jobs at stake here, and these people and their families should be treated with respect not to allow this to turn into another political football. I have no doubt that people will feel very angry at Labour - the party of the Workers (allegedly) - but in truth it's not their fault. It's the inept management who seem to have done little to save the plant but a lot to fatten their wallets. The joys of unfettered capitalism are revealed once more.

So although the headlines may be dominated by other things, it doesn't mean there's nothing going on. As many commentators have declared, this could change the election in the West Midlands. So expect to see Tony Blair getting personally involved soon...


At 12:33 pm, April 09, 2005, Blogger Matt said...

It's always hard to comment on an issue like this without going 100% communist or 100% UberTory The fact is, like you say, the government isn't responsable. It is the self-destructive system. If Rover were a nationalised company, that would be a different matter, but since this government seem to be scared witless of the N word not much blame can be put upon the government. It's a shame that from the front bench a few days ago you could probably hear the words 'let the market decide' wafting about the place


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