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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

At last...

The day is here. Barring some other calamity today, the election should be underway fairly soon. It came as no surprise yesterday that the Royal wedding was going to have to be rescheduled after all, despite them spending all morning denying that they would even if the Pope's funeral was on the same day.

It seems that the New Labour way of denying everything all the way along, saying there will be no compromise, and then suddenly giving in at the last second without acknowledging that only five minutes before you were still insistent on no change, has spread to the Royal media tactics too.

An interesting story has broke this morning that a Labour candidate has defected to the Lib Dems. It's hardly a surprise and I agree with the sentiment behind the defection. Blair has just gone too far in the wrong direction, but worse is the fact that he has burnt most of the bridges he's crossed, leaving most people uncertain as to what direction a Labour party post-Blair would take.

But if the election results go with a below 60 majority for Blair, then such factors would have to be considered sooner rather than later. If Labour win and Blair goes short way into the term, it could be disasterous for them if there is a huge leadership struggle while the party is in government. They need to resolve the leadership issue behinds the scenes now so that a clean transition to the next leader can be achieved. Otherwise, if they are caught up in months of infighting, they will be destined to lose the next election, meaning the next leader - remember, there is a clear chance that it might not be Brown - would be presiding over a lame duck government. They certainly wouldn't want that.

And just to add weight to these discussions, there is a raft of polls out today showing Labour's lead has declined and in some cases is behind the Tories. Regardless of the position, they all confirm the general trend that Labour's support has took a small drop of late.

This election really isn't over yet. But if all else fails, Blair's postal vote bandwagon will save the day!


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