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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Yes, those elections are finally here. While Blair and his chums in the Cabinet are preparing for battle, Robert Mugabe and his cronies are preparing to roll to another "landslide" in their rigged-as-usual "elections".

Zimbabwe is a travesty, as most people know. I don't think what's going on there is as bad as the atrocities in the Sudan, but still, I hope the British government finds time to condemn the lack of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe tonight. Even if we're embroiled in our own petty politicking, we must continue to place pressure on the failed democracy of Zimbabwe. After all, if we really did go into Iraq for human rights reasons, then it would only be right, surely, if Blair applied more serious pressure to a country that is currently actively suppressing them?

Back in Britain, Blair is about to hold his last Cabinet meeting where he will continue to pretend he doesn't know when the election will be. It's nice to see, however, that his little "face the media" sessions on Sky News yesterday have gone largely unreported beyond Murdoch's institutions. I've had more than enough of seeing his simpering, unapologetic face everywhere I turn.

As usual, it's still important to remember that Blair is a liar, and that that majority of his must be pinned back. I want to be able to see the light at the end of this tunnel in a post-Blair era, but I still feel it's beyond us. Only the voters (in marginal constituencies) can make it happen.

I just wish I didn't live in a dead-cert seat. Must be nice to be able to think of your vote having power. It's not something I'm used to...


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