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Friday, March 25, 2005

The Truth Will Out

Surprise surprise, just like last time, a Tory has been exposed for what they really are - they want to cut far more than what they pledge. The press has been abuzz with this story since it first emerged last night, and now the broadcast media has got onto it, it is slowly turning into a one of the Tories first PR disasters of the campaign. I don't think they've been forced on the defensive for anything yet, but this story is the first chance Labour have had to go on a proper offensive.

Of course, anything that helps Labour is not necessarily a good thing. It would be nice if the Lib Dems could capitalise on this by emphasising how Labour's persistent efforts at PFI and PPPs are going to become a massive drain on the Treasury within a decade, or how Labour's target culture is responsible for many of the failings within public services, but instead, people are just going to naturally swing back to Labour.

But anything that helps destroy the image of the Tories is a good thing. People must be reminded that public services are never safe in their hands, and despite their public pledges to continue spending on the NHS and schools, it's pretty clear from today's evidence that there are a lot more sinister machinations going on behind the scenes. They can say what they like about it not being "official policy" but the fact remains there are people deep within the party who hold such views; we can hardly be expected to believe that he's the only Tory in the team who wants to cut back even further.

And all this coming after the most recent polls suggesting the gap is closing on Labour between likely voters from MORI and YouGov. I'm sure the Tories will do a lot of successful damage limitation this weekend, and this may prove to be little more than a storm in a teacup, but you can guarantee that Labour will keep using this event right up to the Election and beyond.

Roll on May 5th!


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