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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Same Old Same Old

It looks like old Charlie Clarke is going to "get tough" on cannabis in order to escape from Tory allegations of being "soft on drugs".

Who is it that makes up all these ridiculous labels? And why do they work? I am assuming they work, because we hear enough of "soft on this" "tough on that" to mean that it must be helpful for some of the electorate to classify parties as something.

It's total rubbish in my mind. When you start accepting these labels that the other party has made up for their opposition, or even labels they've made up for themselves, then you have stopped thinking for yourself.

We old enough know to engage our own brains. We can look at policies proposed by parties and decide for ourselves which one we prefer. We don't need other people pigeonholing alternatives before we even get a chance to consider them.

Somehow or other, we really need to stop the spinmeisters. They are completely destroying politics. The country is already on the slippery slope down to the entire personalisation of politics that we see in America. Does it make sense to want to give it an extra push into its grave?

And this is why I think this will be the worst General Election ever.


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