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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another day, another accusation...

It seems the days don't go by at the moment without Michael Howard taking his time to carefully point out to everyone that Tony Blair is a liar. Of course, most sensible people already know this, so Howard is achieving nothing new. By banging on about it, he is beginning to look rather opportunistic. At least last week we were being told about his policies; this week we're just being told why Tony Blair is bad and how he shouldn't be given another chance. Negativity everywhere.

This morning is no exception; Howard has done it again. Meanwhile, Charles Kennedy is telling everyone the party is in the best mood since 1983. They're going to look stupid on election day if it transpires they gain very few seats while they were wasting valuable campaign time harking back to the "heady days" of the SDP.

There's a distinct sense of "here we go again" setting in everywhere. Most bloggers have stepped back a gear, and even the mainstream media is apparently tiring with little to offer in terms of new insight. The problem is that we've completely exhausted the debates on immigration and the economy. Yet, there are so many things in this campaign that have not been touched on. Education is still shockingly absent, although Labour are trying to raise the issue today. Health is barely given a mention apart from letting us all know that Miserable Matron and the MRSA "battle" is on the way back.

The bandwagons cannot roll on with accusations alone. The more we hear someone is a liar, the more we become desensitised to the word. It would have been big news to call another politician a liar even just a decade ago. Now it's a daily event, and it isn't shocking any more. We simply expect to hear this about our politicians, thus further fueling our cynicism of the whole damn process.

The system is rotten. That has been the case from the very beginning, and it's what I discussed yesterday. But now it appears that everyone who resides within it is just as bad. I'm not sure what the solution is, but the quicker we're out of this current election cycle so we can give it a good post-mortem, the better.

The Tories are writhing in pain, and the electorate is waiting to step forth with the lethal injection to put it out of its misery. Unfortunately, it still looks like another landslide is on the cards. I'd rather we just had it now to get it over with than keep waiting and hearing the latest garbage about the Tories slipping in via the back door. Then we can finally see the end of this tawdry affair and the lazy campaigning mud-slinging from all parties. Next Thursday can't come too soon.


At 3:44 pm, April 27, 2005, Anonymous robin said...

That Charles Kennedy is doing most of the mudslinging and then accusing the Tories of negative campaigning,the two faced hypocrite.
The affects of the EU arent getting mentioned-Why?

At 9:34 am, April 28, 2005, Blogger Eddie said...

The Tories don't want to mention Europe because it plays into the hands of UKIP. Right now they are happy to leave it alone and so neutralise the issue. Further vote loss to UKIP could cost them a number of tight marginals.

At 9:37 pm, April 28, 2005, Anonymous robin said...

Why dont the lib-dems talk more about the EU as they admire it so much?

At 10:03 pm, April 28, 2005, Blogger Matt said...

The EU doesn't seem much of an election issue. What the issues seem to be are:

Killing immigrants/criminals
carry on matron
Welfare State PLC
Between Iraq and a hard place
Spend more, charge less
prvilage of payment in the uni sector
cradle to poverty to the grave

Have I missed anything?

At 11:15 pm, April 28, 2005, Blogger Eddie said...

I'm not going to deny that the Lib Dems realise it's problematic to bring up the EU. It's possibly the most difficult thing they would deal with if someone raised the issue.

As it happens, you can blame it on the Tories for not realising that the EU could shore up their vote in the Lib-Con marginals.

At 1:09 pm, April 29, 2005, Anonymous robin said...

Some of those topics are being brought up in the UK election.


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